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Magic Pajama Party combines two things that kids love to do at the same time and at the same place: 

play date & sleepover.

We deliver and set up glamorously themed tents, bedding, and accessories to suit all your needs & come back the next day to collect our things. 

Just sit back and enjoy. 

Alana Dundon & Daniela Carmo


Hello! We are glad you are here. 

We are Alana Dundon (left), a psychologist, and Daniela Carmo (right), who studied speech therapy. We have been working as nannies for many years and all of our experience has showed us that children love to have play dates and are eager to have a sleepover party. 

So, we thought, why not put both together? And that's how Magic Pajama Party was started. 

With our ability to understand and care for children, we are confident that it is totally possible for us to offer an unforgettable party for your children. 

Our Mission

Magic Pajama Party begins with the purpose of offering your child an unforgettable memory of a fun sleepover with their best friends.

Our mission is to have this environment teach them about being a great host. 


Contact Us

We are so excited for your child's next party. Send us a message to ask us a question.

We'll get back to you soon!

Framingham, Massachusetts

(508)-808-5770 magicpajamaparty@yahoo.com